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Now that's a perfect pairing--wine and love. Have a great long weekend, all! Love your people, be grateful to our founding fathers (and the unheralded women who supported them), and treat yourselves to some nice wine this weekend.

x x x x (click MORE for links) Unloading an entire belt of ammo at me with a minigun or some such device will now get you "Blocked". Niko, :) ...

it's gonna be forever // or it's gonna go down in flames Pinterest: @SebastianAlbery ← *♧*♧*♧*

Reminds me of Vishkar (Previous caption said "Jessica Grenon" so I'm leaving this here in case that's the artist not an OC)

"Babe I'm going to find you." "Help me please." She was crying into the phone making his heart break into a thousand pieces. She was taken and was hiding who knows where. He didn't protect her and now she was some and scared. "I promise I will find you"

I see him look around. His werelion eyes glow in the night. He sniffs, he knows I'm here. But, if he does, he knows I'm faster.

i turn the tv on, but there's no channels. just that fucking buzz and the grey screen. watch it fly into the window of my neighbour's home. i'm going to have to fix that later.

ADULTS ONLY! NSFW! I'm a 27 year old hot looking girl - that's all you have to know about me :D...

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