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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Reigisa. I was watching this documentary yesterday and I saw this scene and screamed "REIGISA!" at the top of my lungs and my sisters looked at me like I just said I wanted to eat a baby.

Free! ~~ Luckily, Rei has such a noble soul that most of this wouldn't even occur to him. HOWEVER, to us more mundane humans, this seems like the prelude to a resignation letter. After all, that hot captain of the track team wants him back... Double the megane, double the fun!:: Rei watching from a distance as Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rin celebrate.

I LOVE THIS!!! FREE X SNK Rin, Rei, Nagisa, Makoto, and Haru.....Jean, Bertholdt, Armin, Erwin, and Levi. I love that Haru still has his swimsuit on underneath the 3dm gear. I love that the characters of SnK were picked from the parallel personalities of Free! Instead of the importance of their character...(noting that Eren isn't present) and that's most likely because no body has a personality similar to Eren's he is just that special and unique! <3

I just love how everyone in class doesn’t give a frick what Nagisa does as long as he bothers the hell out of Rei and only Rei <-- lol

It's like mom and dad's in the back with sibling Haru, Mako and Nagisa.. With a random over exaggerated blue head.. Nah, I love Rei! Haha❤️