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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci #interiordesignideas #house #furniture #functionality #dxb #mytag #mydubai #dubai #uae #decor #interior #designs

net zero home - fully off the grid - 1 level small home so the family could stay unifed

Truro Residence - by Zero Energy Design

Truro Residence by ZeroEnergy Design

Long Dune Residence in Truro, Massachusetts by Hammer Architects

Truro Residence by ZeroEnergy Design

Beach Home Interior Design -

family home Inspiring Minimalist Design #Property #innovative @homereality

12. Truro in the old days had been the centre of ‘life’ for him and his family. A port and a coinage town, the shopping centre and a meeting place of fashion, the town had grown rapidly in the last few years, new and stately houses having sprung up among the disorderly huddle of old ones to mark its adoption as a winter and town residency by some of the oldest and most powerful families in Cornwall.