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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci #interiordesignideas #house #furniture #functionality #dxb #mytag #mydubai #dubai #uae #decor #interior #designs

Passive solar Lockeport Beach House harvests rainwater to save energy

Images of Interiors of adobe homes | Pueblo Style Traditional framing rather than adobe Rounded corner ...

Roof shapes - useful for different rock shapes (

Chandelier with 12 lenses, Rosegold-plated aluminium, glass, fresnel lens, custom electronics. Seems as though you would get a nice, diffuse light in the room.

Perched high on a bluff overlooking Saanich Inlet, Touchstone captures the essence of contemporary West Coast design. To bring light into this North facing home, a variety of strategies were employed, including pop-up roof lines, expansive floor to ceiling windows, skylights and clerestory windows. Exterior finishes of corrugated steel, local stone and Western Red Cedar, that echo the trees outside, create a sense of belonging.

Real Home: The Boat House

A Gold Coast family build their dream home, combining classic Cape Cod style with stunning architectural elements just made for a relaxed style. Kate and Price Gallie had lived in the previous home on site for a couple of years with their four young boys before deciding to knock it down and start again. “It was a single level, huge house – almost like two houses joined together, with a …