Tropical Fish Drawings - Firemouth Cichlid ACEO by Yvonne Johnstone

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convict cichlid is a great addition to anyones tank, although it is still very territorial.

Convict cichlids are one of the most famous and easiest cichlids to keep in a successful aquarium. Convict cichlids are highly aggressive and easy to breed.

yellow cichlid with black fin | Caring for and Breeding your Electric Yellow Lab Cichlids

Caring for and Breeding your Electric Yellow Lab Cichlids

Cichlasoma/Australoheros oblongus (dwarf chanchito cichlid)- ~4-5" SA cichlid from Uraguay, appreciates hard water. mild temperament. shown is male in breeding colors

Cichlasoma oblongus (chanchito cichlid)- South American cichlid, mild temperament, best over dark substrate

Convict Cichlid, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus

Convict Cichlid, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus

Cobalt Blue Cichlid | Metriaclima zebra for Sale Online | PetSolutions

Cobalt Blue Cichlid, African Cichlids from African Lake Malawi - I have one named Apples.