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"Rivering" Suminagashi (Japanese Marbling)

Wang Mian: Plum Blossom

鷺娘の精 (The spirit of the heron maiden) woodblock print by Taniguchi Kokyo (1864-1915), dated 1925

Utagawa Toyokuni I (Japanese, 1769–1825). “The Geisha To’e as a Vendor of Poems,” from the series Gion Festival Costume Parade (Gion mikoshi arai nerimono sugata), ca. 1795. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1922 (JP1390)

Miao Fu: Fishes Among Water Weeds

Chinese Painting

Qi Baishi. 齊白石 - 設色鱼虫册选

Huang Gongwang: Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (Part)

Shen Zhou: Free Oxherding