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Wooly Mammoth Genes Inserted into Elephant CellsResearchers from Harvard University have successfully inserted genes from a woolly mammoth into living cells from an Asian elephant, the extinct giant’s.

Mammoths from the Ice Age, 1969

Mammoths from the Ice Age, 1969

Mammoth, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

The mammoth is another interesting display at the excellent Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

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"A Book of Mammoths," vintage book published Illustration by Zdenek Burian. This image is for educational purposes only. All rights remain with the original author(s).

Mark the Mammoth Celebrates Poetry at Work Day - We'll have a full wrap-up of our 2015 Poetry at Work Day celebration tomorrow, but today, enjoy the poems of Mark the Mammoth.

Ancient Ice Age Mammoth and Bison Fossils Uncovered at Construction Site in California

Zdenek Burian   A Book of Mammoths 1963

Parelephas Columbi Illustration by Zdenek Burian, 1961 "A Book of Mammoths," 1963

Genome sequencing shows severe inbreeding contributed to the mammoths’ extinction.

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Pleistocene Extinction - A North American Woolley Mammoth

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This photo shows a museum worker inspecting a replica of a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), a relative of modern elephants that went extinct to years ago.

Defrosting the Earth could reveal the first ever entirely breadcrumbed mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth and Woolly Rhinoceros (Original) (Signed) art by Eric Tansley at The Illustration Art Gallery - Pleistocene

Mammoth-Belch Deficit Caused Prehistoric Cooling?

By killing off woolly mammoths and other Ice Age megamammals, humans may have sparked a thousand-year cooling event, a new study says.


Mammoth genomes provide recipe for creating Arctic elephants Catalogue of genetic differences between woolly mammoths and elephants reveals how ice-age giants braved the cold.