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Calamine Lotion. Loved the feeling of this going on my burnt shoulders but hated the smell.

dog beach - this is the life! Although this wouldn't be my jack at the beach. She would be chasing the seagulls.

Vacation-time, 1955 - Of course there is a man along to take care of all my needs including pouring me a cocktail, fetching anything I need, applying my suntan lotion and escorting me to dinner and dancing ;-) !

32 Coolest Suntan Tattoo Ideas

This looks cool but doesn't work. After about 30 min the suntan lotion melts and you get big blogs. It looks so much cooler when it's just the suntan lotion dots. FAIL!!!

hawaiian tropic tanning oil - this was a must for beach trips! (After the baby oil and iodine days!) giggles