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Never surrender. ...( Life & Style has developed from an ambition to design and communicate beautiful, inspirational, typographic art from the words and quotes that bring happiness and motivate us everyday.)

"Only dead fish swim with the flow!" - "Be brave, be bold and respect the beliefs of others!" - "But question everything, be honest, have honor and believe in yourself!"

Awesome and true. If your child is growing up prejudiced against a culture, sexual preference, or ethnic group, it's time to re-evaluate your life.

Not a cry baby. Had real vision, understood the costs, manned up.--vlg [161116-1824]

from the Guardian

The 'two-spirit' people of indigenous North Americans

from The Independent

Anger after halal and kosher slaughter banned in Denmark

This law went into effect as of February, 2015, after years of efforts - and attempts to cry 'religious persecution' by those who insist on continuing barbaric practices in the name of some Middle-eastern mythology. All modern nations should follow suit. NO exceptions to our laws for religions! If making a conscious animal bleed to death in fear while you mumble to a non-existent diety is necessary for you, then move to the Middle East where barbaric practices are still welcomed.

This is what I have been saying too. I am now more worried for my gender, minorities, lgbtq, and anyone who else that fears these types of violent attacks and discrimination.

from sofeminine

Inspirational Feminist Quotes: Empowering Quotes For Women

"When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch." -Bette Davis