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. Her eyes jerked to him, and her eyes looked dead. As if her soul was gone. Suddenly her shuddering turned to shaking. She was shaking her head, almost violently. The tears ran freely now, but she make no sound.

punkluv: velv3tropes: porcelaineskulls: l-umina: lushize: caffe-shakerato: gah james dean woah Why must thou be dead (via TumbleOn) ugh james this is not james dean this looks nothing like james dean do not say that it is this is my pet peeve please stop

Women's Black Leather Wrap Dress

after binge watching for the third time - I see how much his character has progressed - he truly is a great actor for this part

a norman stalker on

Not that I'm inspired to suddenly take up smoking or anything, and I still think it's a disgusting habit, but dammit he makes it look good...

Kit Harington Talks Doing Full-Frontal Nudity on GoT!