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New Banksy Mural in Los Angeles Responds to Those Who Vandalize His Work


British street-artist, Banksy (as we all know) is a genius. What Banksy did in 2005 on the Israeli West Bank wall , was magical, rebellio.

Banksy & the fucking!!! oscar goes to Sir! BANKSY.

Street art by Banksy, Britain's notorious graffiti artist. No one knows who he really is, but his work is amazing.

Shop till you drop! London #banksy #streetart

Shop till you drop – By Banksy in London, England Social Active Art, kind of like Barbara Kruger, only graffiti.week pin two.

Banksy Art Gallery : Photo = better have your own plan or you become part of someone else's.

Banksy has become such an inspiration for me in recent months. I have photos of a lot of his work on my phone simply because its incredible. "will work for money"

BANKSY-Estatua de Liberty Kid-Nueva York - 24 pulgadas x 36 pulgadas Lona Impresión Urban Graffiti | Casa y jardín, Decoración para interiores, Afiches y grabados | eBay!

Banksy - Statue of Liberty Kid- New York -24"x36" Canvas Print Urban Graffiti

Love Life street art

I love life! I love his face, like "i love life, so take that losers!" by STMTS in Athens, Greece

Matching the horizon with white binding on trees. Just bizarrely amazing.

earth n site artist to decorate sidewalks, bricks, trees, etc .Zander Olsen 'Tree Line'. Trees wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon.


katsandkonspiracies: legnolik: New World Order. yep pretty much what the nwo does only worse they rape them kill them process them into the restaurant food chain too. soylent green was not fiction!

I called painter @jessica_brilli and got the scoop on her process where she finds all of her vintage inspiration AND details about a very exciting upcoming show that kinda makes me want to cry... look/listen to episode 26 of art for your ear link in profile by thejealouscurator

I called painter and got the scoop on her process where she…