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-Manolo fíjate que me cayó mal la paella! -Pues ya no le hables Venancio!

i literally have a girlfriend and every time i say that they say "well we all have girl friends" no, mom. girlfriend, not girl friend

Little bi / pan humor- Piesxuals - and there's the SPN fandom with a related gif (pic)

I see what you did there Julie Andrews. ;)

Hehe #pansexual #bisexual #asexual humor

Hey guys. I have an Instagram account that is PRO LGBTQ+. Please follow!! @livelikelgbtq pretty please!!

This is what my brother told me when I said I thought Peter Pan from Once Upon A Time was cute.

Meet Peter Pan at Disney World - Such an Inspirational Person (from a Tumblr Post)

You have to have taste for this lovely libra. I cook delicious meals I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and don't need a man - Cute Quotes