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Happy Birthday Niall!!!! Hope you have a great day! So proud of you!

Happy Birthday my Irish little man! Happy I love you so much and thanks for being in the band all these years because without each and everyone of you their would be no one direction. Love you!

hes making this face that an arabian boy would back at me across the classroom...

(GIF) Seriously his eyebrows just kill me like daily.<<< i watched that gif and mirrored him for like 6 whole minutes<< I love when he lefts up just one eyebrow with a smirk agh

Niall Horan looking sexy as ever and rocking an awesome new hairstyle gosh i love him


i'm very proud. (: xx I will never not be proud!

Deeply in love with this boy that it hurts. No words can ever explain how much I love him and why I love him. He's just.I love you Niall James Horan,even if you have no clue I exist

OMG They look so hot :D>>>what is Niall doing with his hand?>>>west side symbol

I was not ready for this Niall with the west side and Liam in a leather jacket! Oh the feelz