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Two to Tango by Joshua Esquivel on 500px

Two to Tango by joshuaesquivel - 500 Hummingbirds Photo Contest

Fox identification

After all those posts about cates and doges it's time for one about foxes -

Infographic: Alissa Dicaire/Nick Walker

Explore this infographic to find out more about Canada's four resident fox species. For Stella

Бедный лисёнок! Ослушался маму и упал в реку! Мама отчаянно орёт для уверенности и пытается спасти малыша!.. какая история!.. даде дух захватывает!)))

The older fox looks just like the younger fox, the older fox sees it's younger playful self and the younger fox sees it's older strong warrior self.

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A fennec fox walks against the wind in Morocco. The fennec, or desert fox, is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara Desert in North Africa. (© Francisco Mingorance/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) How cute is he

mom and kit!

Red fox cub playing with mom. Just look at that tender loving face as she is nudging her happy little cub.

Winter Fox Photography | Bored Panda

Winter Fox Photography

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