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Winchester M1895 A unique lever-action because of its history and caliber. Chambered in 7.62x54R, these rifles were built on contract and supplied to the Russians. It uses the same stripper-clip guide as the Mosin Nagant rifle. Very rare in the U.S since only a few ever made it back to the U.S as surplus, finding one in its original configuration is a challenge. Of those that came back to the U.S, majority have been converted into sporterized hunting rifles. (GRH)

JJFU Safe Hunter Mesh Back FittedHat

Safety Orange front panel with "Jesse James Firearms Unlimited" in White embroidery. White mesh back with crossed Nomad screened in safety orange P

Pistol Skin Camouflage Wrap

Thank you. Just finished installing it! Find our speedloader now!

M1908 MONDRAGON, designed by a Mexican General and built by SIG. Description from I searched for this on

Kimber's Got New Revolvers, Concealed-Carry and Limited Edition Guns

Winchester model 88 .308 caliber Lever Action, box magazine inserts below . 5 shot