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Winchester M1895 A unique lever-action because of its history and caliber. Chambered in 7.62x54R, these rifles were built on contract and supplied to the Russians. It uses the same stripper-clip guide as the Mosin Nagant rifle. Very rare in the U.S since only a few ever made it back to the U.S as surplus, finding one in its original configuration is a challenge. Of those that came back to the U.S, majority have been converted into sporterized hunting rifles. (GRH)

Mauser Model 1934 Pistol - Made in Oberndorf, Germany – our GOTD was the last version of the 7.65mm handgun design brought into production in time for WWI. But by WWII, Mauser’s Model 1934 was losing ground to designs like the Walther PPK & its brother Mauser HSc pistols. Small pocket-sized pieces were worn as symbols of rank by officers in German military & law enforcement branches. An important feature in the M1934 was the cocking indicator at the rear of the slide. NRA Museum in Fairfax…

All the wonders of wool in a waterproof sock that feels like a sock but protects you like a rain bootie. Shower Pass' three layer design keeps your toes dry and cozy!