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We have put autism on TV but can’t accept it in real life

The BBC’s The A Word drama is a step forward, but the struggle against ignorance has light years to go

Video Games May Benefit Kids With Cerebral Palsy via @disabilityscoop

This "Minecraft" Community Is Saving The Lives Of Children With Autism

Smart Dad starts Autcraft, a Minecraft server that is volunteer moderated and safe for players with autism.

The Ruling That Could Change Everything For Disabled People With Million-Dollar Trusts A pissed-off judge, a 3 million dollar inheritance, and a neglected autistic man

Scientist Temple Grandin doesn't let autism define her

Article Tab: Author and professor Temple Grandin speaks to a gathering of students and faculty at the University Club on the UCI campus during a Q session with Chancellor Michael Drake on Thursday afternoon. The event was hosted by UCI's Disability Services Center as part of Disability History Week.

Siblings with autism: How do you ‘splain that? - great post by Laura Shumaker

Aldebaran Robotics connects with autistic children

What gets in the way of breastfeeding: Challenges and resources

La Leche League Leader Amber Ziring was interviewed for this story about breastfeeding in Oregon. Great job, Amber!