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Definition of cas basically... // Cas that's the best idea I've heard all my life

Well, it *is* Cas they're attempting to summon. Unicorn totally fits.

Really did they seriously just go there and are we just going to assume that anything on the ceiling should be burned

up to s11 [gifset] - The many characters Misha Collins has played in Supernatural - I can't pick a favorite... I don't even think I could name one I didn't like

18 Times Tumblr Understood Your Obsession With 'Supernatural'

Cass would've done that anyway, but he's gonna try extra hard for Dean. After all, Sam is all he has left too.

So… what? Are lgbt relationships not the same as straight ones? Why should it be any different??

I have never seen a more accurate gif. <<< and I love how the dean cat looks at cas cat at the end in a somewhat concerned and embarrassed way

I'm still playing "I Can't Believe It's Not Canon!" Are you?