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pic 58. Trip to England with Hubby Derek. In an Englsh Pub with Derek's sister, Muriel on the left, Hannelies in the middle and "Mother" on the right. I am sure Derek is behind the camera. 1973. Her Age: 46

pic 98. Shot 8. L-R: Carol, not sure who and Chermin 2007

pic 99. Shot 9. Mike in the foreground, Fidi to his left and across the table, Little-Mike passing out the peace sign. 2007.

pic 79c. Emily on the left and Analise on the right are my ex-husband's brother's children aka the girls are my nieces. March 2004

pic 38. Being Married to Derek who was a Justice of the Peace, Hannelies loved going to parties. Here she is in pink at a function probably in Kitchener, ON. I don't know who the others are. 1971. Her Age: 43

pic 104. Shot 14. The lady in orange is Annalise M. She and her hubby, Willie were long-time friends of Hannelies and Derek. Willie constructed to build their home which was finished in 1972. Hannelies lived there for the rest of her life, 39 years in all. 2007.

pic 30. Get-together. L to R: Hannelies and her Hubby Derek, Not sure who, Hannelies's eldest sibling and Jeanette, Fidi's wife. 1970. Her Age:43

pic 105. Shot 15. Annalise in the orange dress but i don't recognize the others. 2007

pic 40. Derek's son, Wayne on the left. In the middle, Mike and Hannelies on the right. 1972. Her Age:44

pic 87. shot 3. Mike, Hannelies and Matt, taken In my front living room. 2004. Almost forgot, its my birthday get-together, I'm 46.

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