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pic 58. Trip to England with Hubby Derek. In an Englsh Pub with Derek's sister, Muriel on the left, Hannelies in the middle and "Mother" on the right. I am sure Derek is behind the camera. 1973. Her Age: 46

pic 30. Get-together. L to R: Hannelies and her Hubby Derek, Not sure who, Hannelies's eldest sibling and Jeanette, Fidi's wife. 1970. Her Age:43

pic 25. By this time H. had remarried a fellow by the name of Derek Rabley. This might have been the first of many Cross-Country excursions they took. Winter Landscape, my guess is near the Sugar-Shack. Hannelies far away. Date: 1970. Her Age: 43

pic 31. L. to R.: Karen((Jeanette and Fidi's daughter and H's God Daughter), Hanneleis and her Hubby Derek. 1970 her Age: 43

pic 104. Shot 14. The lady in orange is Annalise M. She and her hubby, Willie were long-time friends of Hannelies and Derek. Willie constructed to build their home which was finished in 1972. Hannelies lived there for the rest of her life, 39 years in all. 2007.

pic 38. Being Married to Derek who was a Justice of the Peace, Hannelies loved going to parties. Here she is in pink at a function probably in Kitchener, ON. I don't know who the others are. 1971. Her Age: 43

pic 33. Marg Evens(Derek's 2nd couzin John's wife) and Hannelies. This is Hannelies's Partying period complete with drink and cigarette. 1971. Her Age: 43

~Pic 8~ On Holidays with Hubby Afred, and Sons. Place: Northern Ontario, Canada. Date: 1955 Her Age: 28

pic 71. 6:51 pm. Hannelies brought out an ol picture of her sitting next to my Mother, Fay Rabley. Derek was married to Fay and Hannelies and Alfred were good friends with them back in the day circa late 1950's.

pic 40. Derek's son, Wayne on the left. In the middle, Mike and Hannelies on the right. 1972. Her Age:44