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Eastward from Monhegan A stormy day looking out across the unhindered Atlantic, from a spot near White Head.

Monhegan Moorland - well, technically this is right across the harbor in the middle of tiny Manana Island. The tangle of vines covering this shallow gorge made for slow going, but it is worth the ride over.

The same morning as #1, but more emphasis on the first rays of dawn and play of clouds against the water.

Afternoon At The Pinnacles - Shot on a trip back to my home state of California, a view up the High Peaks trail from the Bear Gulch cave exit. The colors look impossibly bright, but that's just an arid California landscape in bright sun, as seen through a polarizer.

American River Path - shot early one afternoon while waiting for a friend. The bright sun created bold shadows with bright spaces in between, and really served to draw the eye down the path.

Where I used to live in Bremen, Maine, I glimpsed this prelude to an October sunset through the basement window. I grabbed the camera and ran over to the pond just in time to catch this scene.