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When out for walks in the beautiful spring weather, be careful of the debris left behind by the winter months - MarieDogwalker - Life With Dogs, Cats, and Other Furry and Feathered Friends

Spring is a wonderful time of year for long walks with your dog. With the warmer temperatures, and the wonderful smells of spring, you and y.

Simple Ways to Make Your Dog Smile

MarieDogwalker - Life With Dogs, Cats, and Other Furry and Feathered Friends: Verbal Communication With Your Dog - Use Vocabulary They Will Understand.

Help Your Dog Adjust To Daylight Savings Time - Keep a Regular Schedule

Does daylight savings time cause turmoil in your pets schedule? I find that the first day after the clocks have been adjusted causes confusi.

Daily Dog Walk? Mix It Up to Prevent Boredom

When walking your dog, do you travel in a usual route or do you like to mix things up? Dog's love to sniff and explore their neighborhood an.

You came to the wrong forest motherbucker...says james potter

You came to the wrong forest motherbucker.says james potter omg idk why this made me laugh so damn hard

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Daily walks are very important for socialization of your dog but how much exercise does the daily walk provide? How much exercise does your .

Sometimes You Need to Think Like a Dog

Dogs have certain ways of doing things and many times it is quite different than the ways of their human companions. Guided by inbred instin.

24 reasons you should never get a pitbull as a pet #buzzfeed

24 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Have A Pit Bull As A Pet