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I always tell people not to say they're on a diet. A lifestyle change or healthy eating & exercise are much better. The word diet alone fails most people.

Off the Mark on Gocomics.com

Off the Mark by Mark Parisi for Nov 23, 2012

Día de la Madre - chiste balanza

Explains why the scale is not the best way to determine fitness or health. I soooo needed this. The scale has barely budged, but I know for a fact I am quite a bit smaller. Guess I can let go of my scale/weight obsession!

awesome I find this hilarious even for me. However I also need to go back to slowing dow... by http://dezdemon-humoraddiction.space/running-humor/i-find-this-hilarious-even-for-me-however-i-also-need-to-go-back-to-slowing-dow/

I find this hilarious even for me. However I also need to go back to slowing dow

I look awkward running. You look awkward sitting on the couch. See who awkwardly fits in smaller pants first. It should say "I" look awkward running and "I" look awkward sitting on the couch.

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine I thought the way the arrows was going it look like the way my boobs hang anymore lol ! Life is good.


Who has time? *NOTE: wraps and other ITWorks items work best with a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is important for blood circulation, cardiovascular health, brain health, and more. ItWorks is designed to help!

It's amazing how quickly Botox and a big ego can be brought right...down...to...Earth.

Free and Funny Weddings Ecard: She thinks she's a trophy wife? The special olympics?

Story of my life

How I'll feel tomorrow. I'm starting in Insanity work out. for the fourth time. Hopefully this time I can complete the first month.