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Online Video Publishing & Streaming is booming – whether it be live streaming or video on demand, the evolution of internet, smart devices, easy access to data – all together have given the video world an unprecedented facelift. Phando, we have thought through and tested adequately for not just the happy path scenarios but also such time critical and challenging scenarios around performance, security, payment, compatibility and integration. Visit us at

While all of these new avenues in the world of online streaming are promising, is it all a rosy picture? Not really. Online video streaming – both live and on demand, more so with live, have their own issues.......Read the interesting blog “Online Video Streaming – The Rosy and not so Rosy Sides” more at

Customers these days look innovate and find different ways to promote their business and products. Sharing promotional videos to #Video sharing sites is the latest trend and enable companies to reach real customers of their product. Through video sharing sites, you can reach millions of people at a time. Phando is one of the best #videosharing site, which helps you manage & publish your videos. For more information, contact us at

The Power of Video Streaming: We often talk about how the world has come together and the distance between geographies has shrunk. While technology at large has had an important role to play in this phenomenon, certain specific technologies have had a larger role to play than the others in aiding this change.. Read the complete blog share at:

The growing world of live video streaming: "Advances in communication has brought the world together more than ever before, today. One is able to take on classes through Skype, chat with people across the globe, watch games or an event in real time – thanks to all the advances in communication technologies. Herein, video streaming that supports live or near"...... Read more at…

Technology has given new wings to the customers to explore, express and expects little more from every product. Team at Phando very well comprehend the need of customers specially when they are looking for online video streaming platform. Visit and get a range of solutions simplified to meet customers requirement with high quality.

For real-time audience interaction becomes far easy with video streaming platforms. Phando is a flexible solution to stream live video on a website. The live stream hosting platform is designed with a #streaming as a service approach. Phando uses two content delivery networks to reach worldwide audiences also it gives professional tools and utilities through cloud computing. To know more about #videostreaming platform, visit us at :

“Video sharing sites should focus on building a niche target audience”- YouTube is omnipresent – well if not literally, at least figuratively in the online world. You ask a toddler, you ask a senior citizen across the world – chances are fairly high that they would know YouTube as a video viewing and sharing platform....Read more about video sharing sites at

At present, there are many companies providing enterprise video platforms, so choosing the right platform becomes the main factor. There are few points to consider while making a decision of choosing any enterprise video platform. Here is nice blog explaining the points to consider before choosing the right enterprise platform : For any requirement of enterprise video platform, contact us here…

Your path to revenue maximization is through the video analytics. Understand content relevance from viewer analysis to implement mid – stream advertisement. Know more about our User analytics, Video Analytics, Ad Analytics features at Get in touch with us at +91 – 9650658000 or feel free to write us at