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Gord's Poetry Factory: Hate-Filled Anti-Islam Film Meant To Provoke Violence And Paul Ryan To Speak At Annual Religious Right Hate-Fest AKA "Values Voters Summit"

An Image We Must Never Forget ~ As Hillary Clinton’s name is bantered around as a 2016 candidate for the progressive/socialist/Marxist movement, remember one simple concept. Politicians come in all shapes, colors and sizes, there is no one currently trolling for public office who is the absolute poster girl for “EVIL,” than Hillary Clinton. We have had enough evil coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since we first heard the words Barrack Hussein Obama. [...] 06/07

Gord's Poetry Factory: Obama " Noblisse Oblige" Protects Rights According to His Own Whims Not Principles & Romney/Ryan Will Be No Better

Gabe Ortíz on

Romney Political non-political rally for Sandy survivors???

Crooks.// Aren't political campaign lies just wonderful!! All information that would reveal what these two frauds really are was suppressed, denied, or threatened into silence. Both parties do this, but it seems the Democrats have the greater ability for obsfucation!! These two need to be banished from DC forever!! Traitors!

In 1986, when Ronald Reagan was President, Libya killed Americans. He bombed their leader's house. Libya was quiet for almost 25 years. Then somebody apologized.

"Obama speaks with contempt and scorn for the American people. Just like the transparency remark. He really has a low regard for this country, its people, laws and Constitution. In another era he would have been convicted of treason and hanged."

... but then there are the ones that ride that fence of good vs evil... and for that, Im not willing to try a lawless society.