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Dark Angel and familiar

(open RP) She carefully approached me. I haut turned away. "Are you ok?" She asked. I didn't answer." I turned. "Are you ok?" She asked again.

I will always have you my love but when I don’t, please know that God will always walk beside me, to assist me along the way❤️

Macaria & Thanatos :: Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death and Goddess Princess of the Underworld and the Dead with Thanatos, God of Gentle Death.


Amos What sorrow awaits you who say, “If only the day of the Lord were here!” You have no idea what you are wishing for. That day will bring darkness, not light.

Night, Sexy, Night Shift

Fantasy Art ❤

Fantasy Art ❤

Haciendo juego con mis alas, elijo un vestido negro del armario

I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter 12-Dragged away~

"She's a demon." someone whispered. I turned slowly." He gulped, eyes wide. I want to hear your thoughts." My wings folded down.

daughters of eden ideas | book series | girls with magic in their veins | @mpilarcruz

they say that the loveliest angels make the cruelest demons and my darling, you were so kind and beautiful before they dragged you to hell.

angel by kakotomirai

Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.

On her 17th birthday, everything will change for Violet Eden. The boy she loves will betray her. Her enemy will save her. She will have to decide just how much she's willing to sacrifice.  A centuries old war between fallen angels and the protectors of humanity chooses a new fighter. It's a battle Violet doesn't want, but she lives her life by two rules: don't run and don't quit. If angels seek vengeance and humans are the warriors you could do a lot worse than betting on  . . . 4.38 stars

Embrace (Embrace Series - Yes, it's not the most original story line but I did enjoy this series of a young girl chosen as a warrior in the fight between good and evil angels. I read and I liked.