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Gerard Way.....When i thought about who should be The Mad Hatter the first person who came to my mind was Gerard Way.....who wouldn't choose him

My chemical romance will always have place in my heart❤️I've listen to them since I was 4 and I've been hooked since

Wicked fan art, Gerard Way, MCR, my chemical romance, bands, music, revenge era, skulls, roses, red, black, guyliner

The evolution of Gerard Way Helena is my favorite look. Loved the hair❤️

quote, Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance so long and goodnight

You have made yourself EXTRA extraordinary.Every single member of my Chemical Romance is my hero<3

His hand was surgically modified to look that way

Mikey and Gerard Way back to back in the Sing video. I'm still sad that Gerard got shock in the jaw, I keep crying every time I see it!!!!!!