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New Zealand tho xD that does annoy me a little but it made me chuckle

Do you agree?

I have U.S. Army licence plates on my car. Dude :"Ma'am, please thank your husband for his service to our counrty." Me: "I'm the one who served. You're welcome." Dude: *shocked silence*

About Me

I'm in the middle of redoing our back patio area and I am trying to go for a look reminiscent of this, not exact but is gorgeous and welcoming.

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Country music kind of shapes my entire style, so naturally I'd want my room to be kind of country-inspired with some music tied in somehow. Maybe like posters or sheet music or somethin'.

One of my favorite posts is undoubtedly the top ten list at the end of the year! I love going through my analytics and figuring out which posts had the most visits…some surprise me, many don&…

This setting reminds me of my mother and her flower beds full of old boots filled with beautiful flowers. I miss her so much. I bet your garden in heaven is amazing mom. old boots, beautified