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Hängenden Gärten von Babylon Minecraft 6. Platz Eintrag in Sandburgen

Hanging Gardens of Babylon design.

It's a huge water fountain

It's a huge water fountain in Minecraft that I made and I spent ours making my favorite thing in my favorite game!

This looks awesome, I can't believe they made that big tree! And if you look in the back they made a cloud, awesome

I'll see your Mangrove tree and raise you a beautiful landscape

2011-12-24_115300_1074215.jpg (854×480)

The Minecraft Roman Building Bundle Project was contributed by McBreakdown. Here are some of the buildings i used to create my "Telos" project. Also i added some buildings that arent used in the city.

Babylon Hanging Garden Minecraft Project

The Minecraft Babylon Hanging Garden Project was contributed by BrauhausDerHoffnung. Here are our hanging gardens built by Duplex.