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Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds (with Pictures) | eHow

Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds

You can change the blossoms of Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.) from pink to blue by increasing the acidity of the soil. While adding coffee grounds may reduce soil pH, making it more.

Coffee grounds left over from freshly brewed coffee have many uses in the garden. You don’t necessarily have to be a coffee fan to use the grounds in your garden. Many coffee shops offer them for …

Why Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden?  Coffee grounds provide an unlimited source of nutrients for your garden . . .   They hold moisture, They are free,   They smell good, They contain Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium (N-P-K) and other trace minerals, They help keep slugs away from plants, They repel ants, Earthworms LOVE them, They add acidity to the soil.

Add Coffee Grounds to the Garden (hold moisture, repel ants, help keep slugs away, worms love them, contain nitrogen-phosphate-potassium and add acidity to soil)

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Hydrangea Border at the Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland -- Hydrangeas might just be my favorite flower, but I really do love them all :)

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Solar Garden border at Great Dixter, a house in Northiam, East Sussex, England - photo by Jonathan Buckley; Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ with Campanula patula and Erysimum allionii in the Solar garden at Great Dixter

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Camp Wander: Feed Your Grass & Garden with Coffee Grounds! Bonus Cats hate coffee

I'm a coffee lover & gardener . I have a love for both that transcends time and Apple products . I'm a slave to both.a hap.

I'm in Love!   New Variety! The Pistachio™ Hydrangea.. by whalan.....have to get these! Gorgeous!   rainyside.com

The Pistachio Hydrangea - mophead cluster of flowers begins festooned in chartreuse-green. As they mature, the center changes into violet red with the outside edges chartreuse-green.

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Cut a leaf in half crossways, poke into soil and water, they will grow roots (the same as a Coleus or Begonia Rex) and you get extra plants.