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Accoutrements Sweet Cupcake Frosting Flavored Toothpaste, oz (Pack of -

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CUPCAKE TOOTHPASTE --Brushing your teeth with real frosting kind of defeats the purpose, but with our Cupcake Toothpaste you get all the fabulous flavor of frosting without another root canal!

Cupcake Toothpaste

Cupcake Toothpaste Do you crave cupcakes? With the Cupcake Toothpaste from the NeatoShop you can now wake up to the delicious taste of cupcakes. Good dental hygiene never tasted so sweet. Your taste buds and your teeth will thank you!

Se Tandpasta! : D sjovt billede

clean your teeth with cat vomit, twice a day, every day. Because boys and cat vomit will always go together no matter how old they are LOL



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Sigmund Freud Toothpaste - Tastes like bananas.

Sigmund Freud is the father of mental health, why not use him for dental health as well? Sigmund Freud Toothpaste tastes like bananas. We're not sure why we picked banana flavor, but you're welcome to analyze the decision.

Idées cadeaux gratuits à fabriquer pour la Saint Valentin

Idées cadeaux gratuits à fabriquer pour la Saint Valentin

The Slim Sonic Toothbrush is an electric, portable and stylish toothbrush with a vented mascara-style cap that's perfect when you're on the go!

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