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Nice ass

Nice ass

Hippo attacking a crocodile in the Maasai Mara game Reserve,Kenya

A crocodile strays too close to a mother hippo and her calves among a group of 50 hippos bathing in the Serengeti national park, Tanzania. The crocodile was killed in the battle that ensued - hippos can apply several tons of pressure in a single bite.

You are too fabulous to fit in!  So stand out:) #giraffe #inspiration #quote

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy! :D


I Machu You Up and Spit You Out!

Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Also, Meanwhile in Machu Picchu.

It used to be thought that the biggest extant hoofed mammals - the giraffes - did not sleep at all, but this was shown to be incorrect by...more info: http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2008/09/natural_history_of_sleep.php

Funny pictures about How Baby Giraffes Sleep. Oh, and cool pics about How Baby Giraffes Sleep. Also, How Baby Giraffes Sleep photos.

Red Tail

Kicking Up the Dust © Paul Leverington (via NatureScapes.Net 2010 Images of the Year - Birds - Kicking Up the Dust by Paul Leverington :)


Its the "Fuck You" frog! When threatened, this frog sticks its middle digits high into the air, in a menacing fuck you type of fashion.