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then its the spiral of lies, fake wiki pages, paying people etc. just to prove you are in fact right!

O yea

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I know right! We can't write the notes down if your standing in front of them! Then you get mad when we don't have all of  our notes!!! Agh

Teacher:"Copy the notes class" Teacher:(Stands in front of it) Me:"But I can't see them" Teacher:(Moves the tiniest bit)

one person? really!


I've never experienced this, I'm always pretty good friends with my crush. So never really knew what it's like to blush around your crush <> My crush is the only one who can make me blush.

You mean, now?? Because for some reason, everything is funny at the moment! ♊️

I call that "slaphappy." You get so tired, that you are to the point of being dazed and goofy and weird, all at the same time.