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Green Tara is an archetype of our own inner wisdom. She guides and protects us as we navigate the depths of our unconscious minds, helping us to transform consciousness, our own personal journeys of freedom. It is the goddess Tara who helps us to remain "centered". The myths of the Goddess Tara remind us of our "oneness" with all of creation and the importance of nurturing the spirit within.

"Luna" (Roman myth)/"Selene" (Greek myth). In Greek & Roman religion, she is the goddess that personified the Moon. Her parents were the Titans Hyperion & Theia; her siblings were Helios & Eos. Selene fell in love with Endymion, a handsome young shepherd; Zeus cast Endymion into eternal sleep, but Selene visited him in the cave where he slept, and he fathered her 50 daughters (one for each lunar month between Olympiads) &, according to some accounts, Narcissus.

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VINTAGE KIDS BOOK An Elephant is Not a Cat by Alvin Tresselt and Wilbur Wheaton

Utagawa Toyokuni I (Japanese, 1769–1825). Onoe Matsusuke as the Ghost of the Murdered Wife Oiwa, in A Tale of Horror from the Yotsuya Station on the Tokaido Road," 1812. Japan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Louis V. Ledoux, 1927

Saraswati, Goddess of Learning and Music, Playing a Vina, 1947-48, Y G Srimati; the divine personification of the now-lost Indian river, the Saraswati. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Alexandre Cabanel (French, 1823–1889). Echo, 1874. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Mary Phelps Smith, in memory of her husband, Howard Caswell Smith, 1965 (65.258.1) | In Greek mythology Echo is the beautiful nymph who falls in love with Narcissus, a handsome youth who loves only his own reflection.