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Nekotalia Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland so cute!

I hope to go there someday!!  Olafur Eliasson’s, “Your rainbow panorama,” is a circular, panoramic walkway, in all the colors of the rainbow, constructed on the roof of the cubic museum building designed by schmidt hammer lassen. The ARoS building [in Aarhus, Denmark] was inspired by Dante’s 'Divine Comedy'..."  Read more here: http://www.arcspace.com/architects/olafur_eliasson/rainbow-panorama/rainbow-panorama.html

Rainbow building

“Your rainbow panorama” of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The new project was opened on the of May 2011 on the top of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Århus, Denmark. Permanent circular vivid walkway of a 150 meters long, 3 meters wide by

Don't worry kitty. I've got you. - Imgur

Don't worry kitty. I've got you.

her expression in that last picture - amazing. Faith in humanity restored

Tags: Anime, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway

The Nordics and the Nordic Cats: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden

Denmark Matthias Kohler  Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna  Finland Tino Vainamoinen  Iceland Emil Steilsson  Norway Lukas Bondevik

The Nordics with their cats! Norway with Neko!Iceland, Iceland with Neko!Denmark, Finland with Neko!Sweden, Sweden with Neko!Finland and Denmark with Neko!

Tags: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Prussia, Russia, North Italy, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Norway, Rome, Netherlands, Little Mermaid, Greece, Germania, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Nordic Countries, Disney, Allied Forces, Axis Power Countries, Soviet Union, Mediterranean Countries, Arabian Nights, Germanic Countries, Obscure-muse, Sleeping Beauty (Disney), Little Mermaid (Disney), Aladdin <<< I DIED AT THE LAST ONE. GERMANY LOOKS 400% DONE. <<< VHY AM I A RACOON UND VITH RUSSIA?!

hetalia at it's best<< russia and america ,turkey and Greece, den and nor aaand Germany and italy XD