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Frases para Reflexión

"The talent is educated in the calm and the character in the tempest".- Johann Wolfgang Goethe

You always felt uncomfortable. You always doubted. You started to feel jealous. Honey, move on. That is not your true love. He is not who you are meant to be with. You should not have to convince yourself that someone is in love with you —and ONLY you.

"Triste cosa es no tener amigos, pero más triste es no tener enemigos. Porque quien enemigos no tenga, es señal de que no tiene: Ni talento que haga sombra, ni bienes que se le codicien, ni carácter que impresione, ni valor temido, ni honra de la que se murmure, ni ninguna cosa buena que se le envidie." #JoseMarti #Citas #Frases @Candidman