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1girl arm_up bicycle_helmet bike_shorts blonde_hair blue_eyes full_body helmet kicking koruni_(pokemon) long_hair open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_xy ponytail roller_skates shorts_under_skirt skates skin_tight sleeveless solo two_side_up yilx

bike_shorts fingerless_gloves gloves goggles koruni_(pokemon) lucario pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_xy ponytail skyloop19

1girl alternate_costume arms_up awa backpack bag bike_shorts blonde_hair blue_eyes blush gloves high_ponytail koruni_(pokemon) long_hair lucario navel open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(anime) skirt solo_focus sunglasses sunglasses_on_head translation_request very_long_hair

Koruni FROM Pokemon X / Y BY Takecha

Safebooru - 1girl bare shoulders bicycle helmet bike shorts blonde hair blue eyes boots clouds fingerless gloves gloves gym leader helmet highres knee boots koruni (pokemon) long hair mzrz outdoors pokemon pokemon (game) pokemon xy ponytail roller skates shirt shorts shorts under skirt skates skirt sky sleeveless sleeveless shirt smile solo very long hair | 1831879

bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes headwear_removed helmet helmet_removed koruni_(pokemon) pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_xy souji