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Chinese traditional painting.

Chinese traditional painting.

Chinese traditional painting-Shuimo Hua(水墨画).

Oracle turtle shell - This is a replica of an oracle turtle shell with ancient Chinese oracle scripts inscribed on it. Fu Xi, traditionally, considered the originator of the I Ching, is said to have discovered the arrangement of the eight trigrams in markings on the back of a mythical dragon horse (sometimes said to be a turtle) that emerged from the Luo River. This discovery is said to have been the origin of calligraphy.

Spring Offerings Wu Changshuo (Chinese, 1844–1927) Date: dated 1919 Culture: China Medium: Hanging scroll; ink and color on paper

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Grazing Horse, dated 1932 Xu Beihong (Chinese, 1895–1953); Qi Baishi (Chinese, 1864–1957) Hanging scroll; ink on paper

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Suibokuga ink painting Sumi-e Japanese magnolia Floral

Suibokuga ink painting Sumie Japanese magnolia Floral by Suibokuga, €58.00