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Stiles Stilinski

"Stiles, great kid, superb smart, zero ability to focus, never takes advantage of his talents.

Teen Wolf / iFunny :)

Teen Wolf life - long answers

Teen Wolf / iFunny :) Stiles just doesn't ever get any simple thank you for saving lives, does he?

Why do I feel like this is how my friends and I all are? :D

Stiles from Teen Wolf and Stuart from The Internship. "Sarcasm is my only defense." This is an absolutely gorgeous coincidence :)<<< im with the dude from the internship. i hate people and i use sarcasm as my only defense.

teen wolf - dylan o´brien

teen wolf - dylan o´brien won best villian but he's our little sweet baby! And then on the other hand when it looks posessed by evil it is posessed by evil.

Espelho, espelho meu.

16 Reasons Dylan OBrien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams. This just became my ultimate favorite post of all time

LOL woah

My friend saw thus and said, "you should be nice to people anyways just because it's the right thing to do. but this is a good reason to be nice to people too.