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Collecting the Moments... one by one: Ecolovies ~ Cereal box mini boxes

This craft came about when flipping through olden times craft books, and I saw 'how to make a hat box'. The hat box they showed required cu.

Cereal boxes transformed into gift boxes. Template included! From Stuff You Can't Have http://stuffyoucanthave.blogspot.com/2010/10/cereal-boxes.html

Ideas for what to do with empty cereal boxes: Fold them into smaller boxes and use for gift-giving or for storage of your own small things. This post links to three box-folding tutorials, including one that'll make hexagon-shaped boxes.

SimpleJoys: Cereal Box Castle.

Cereal Box Castle.

SimpleJoys: Cereal Box Castle.

cereal box crafts : I see big ideas here. . Spray Paint in bright colors then inside hang a glow stick then hang from the ceiling. . Would be so awesome!!

plumpudding: Cereal box globes for Earth Day

Cereal box stars

Cereal box stars

cereal box crafts   This would be really easy with my StoryBoook Creator

Cereal Box Crafts: Notepads

Home Sweet Holmes: Round Up: Girls' Camp Crafts

Cereal box butterfly. Outline the butterfly on the inside, cut it out, and decorate. Fold the wings & hot glue a tack or pin to the back. Pin to the wall.

Cereal Box Butterflies

Recycle boxes such as cereal or cracker boxes

Re-purposed cereal boxes into notebooks.  Great way to use up those cereal boxes

Re-Purposed Cereal Boxes - there has to be a way to tie writing into this!> we use the child's 'favorite cereal' box for a cover to dictate foods they love to eat!


DIY Basket From Cereal Box

DIY Twin Towel Basket: made from a cereal box

Yes! recycle cereal boxes for cheap toys...

Mel Stampz: Wee Houses links: templates, tutorials, etc.) Over 100 printable houses

projects made with cereal boxes | Cereal Box Bookmarks

Cereal Box Bookmarks

Product: bookmark Company: Any Cereal box -Cut up cereal boxes into rectangles, punch a hole and add a ribbon! Even paint the bookmark any way you want to add your own unique style! Very easy to do! Recycle the cereal boxes!

3D Cereal Box Star by hookedandhappy: Happy July 4th!      DIY

Cereal Box Star by hookedandhappy: Happy July DIY

Any day can be a day at the races with @FamilyFun magazine's toy-car racetrack made from recycled cereal boxes. The cool flames are pipe cleaners and colorful card-stock!

4 Things to Make With Cereal Boxes

Make this toy-car racetrack with just a few simple cuts. Add sections from other boxes for longer tracks. Embellish with duct tape, then glue on card-stock- and-pipe-cleaner flames. How to make it: From the front and back of a cereal box, cut and remove a

Almost Unschoolers: Cereal Box Tessellations

Cereal Box Tessellations: "I left the shapes on the table the entire day, through lunch, dinner, and snack time, as well. The younger girls were the first to take inte.

Star Garland from At the Picket Fence

Inspiration Friday No. 84...Welcome

Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!: Showing Off - My Picks

Recycled cereal box calendars

Tea Cup Calendar Teacup Calendar Purse Calendar Home Calendar Teapot Calendar I interrupt the calendar pages to present an.