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Mandala stones

Mandala stones

12 Healing Crystals and Their Meanings + Uses

10 Different Crystal Shapes and how you can use them

Did you know that the varying shapes of crystals actually have different characteristics? Along with the properties a stone has, its shape & formation brings additional benefits. You may have been drawn to a beautiful celestite cluster you saw in a disp

The Meaning of Your Birthstone and How to Use its Magic Energy

Crystals and gemstones hold special healing and spiritual properties. It has long been believed that when you wear the stone that coincides with your birth month, astrological sign or numerology birth number, that it can exude stronger healing powers.

7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

Chakra Crystals Chart and How To Use It

Chakra Crystals are easy to find if you use my handy Chakra Crystals Cheat Chart. Learn about any crystal, just by the colour. Create your own Chakra Crystal Set by selecting stones by their colour. The truth is all crys

Colored Diamonds and Gemstones 101

Did you know that most gems occur in many different colors? Read our jewel-toned guide to select the stone that best suits you. Simon G.'s Proposal Prep School Supernatural Style

Crafts with Stones. 4 Ideas to Paint and Decorate

Crafts with Stones. 4 Ideas to Paint and Decorate - Petit & Small(Diy Decoracion Manualidades)

The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

What is the meaning of crystal & chakra healing properties of peridot? A stone for release, letting go & manifestation.

Rhodonite Stone

Rhodonite Stone Often called the rescue stone, Rhodonite carries a powerful healing vibration that helps with relationship problems. It brings emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion and helps to release fear.

Easy Paint Rock For Try at Home (Stone Art & Rock Painting Ideas)

DIY Painted StonesPaint special found stones with chalk and metallic paint. Find a homemade recipe for chalk paint and more photos of these DIY Painted Stones at Tinker Paint Bake Cakes here.

20 Awesome Stone Crafts Creativity

Which Precious Gemstone Represents Your Personality?

My favorite color. this crystal (gem, rock, mineral, ) ❦ CRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦

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