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The Nightmarish Sculptures Of Sarah Louise Davey Are Whimsical And Wonderfully Macabre

Photography is a huge resource of graphic design idea and it is one of the key successes of inspiration for some of our past work. Photography reflection can take a motionless photo and turn it int…

Artist Recreates Children's Nightmares Into Photos - The Girl with Dunce Cap

Artist Recreates Children's Nightmares Into Photos

Arthur Tress, the outstanding artist managed to compile kids’ nightmare photos through his wonderful vision.He proved himself skilled enough to visualize the childhood nightmares and turn the children’s nightmares into photos.

Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?  Not judging him, but I wouldn't put naked pictures of my child/ren up on the internet.

In April 2014 photographer Wyatt Neumann went on a two week road trip with his two year old daughter Stella. Over the course of the trip Neumann photographed.

sarah louise davey: PoRtfolio

The figures in Sarah Louise Davey‘s world are haunted, magical, nymph-like creatures that compose her scary and creepy artworks which are hard to look at.

Concentration camp survivor - This little girl was asked to draw a picture of her home, while living in a residence for disturbed children in Poland 1948. As you can see, she no longer has any concept of what 'home' is (or was) The look in her eyes is truly haunting...

Concentration camp survivor drawing picture of "home" in home for disturbed children in Poland 1948