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Day 28 2015: "I went out with Elsa as a favor. It was nice. No chemistry though. She just was a bit cold emotionally. I told her I was sorry and can you believe that B&$ch froze me?!" Jingle has a lot to learn about the ladies!

Day 6 2015: I see someone was inspired by the movie we watched last night. Jingles loves him some Minions... Ba! Ba! Ba! Ba! Ba! Na! Na!

Day 27 2015: With the big red one, the force is strong. Darth Jingle has spoken (if he had a mic, this is where he would drop the mic and walk off stage).

Day 23 2015: Hey! Color copies for this Jingle?! You are out of control! Don't encourage him Superheroes...

Day 19 2016: "I don't know about you, but my tummy feels much better now! Got to cut back on the candy and maple syrup!" Really Jingle?!

Day 13 2016: "Would that be number 1, 2 or 3?" Jingle is up to no good...