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A woman has great power; she can make you feel like she hates your guts, but actually, she couldn't be more in love with you

21 quotes to help inspire self-love, and make it easier to see how wonderful you are and the beauty within yourself. Think about how not loving yourself is holding you back. When we choose actions that support our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, self-love can become a certainty. Click through to and begin the journey to love yourself. Pin it now to be inspired at any time.

لا تبحث عن السعادة في أمور الدنيا، فلن تجدها إلا مع الله ، وكلما كنت أقرب من الله كلما زادت سعادتك وإن قلّ ما تملكه من هذه الحياة

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