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Buddies is a trusted name in the industry. This is the original, platinum-cut non-stick silicone jar. This medical grade silicone container is perfect for ointments, waxes, and oils and comes in 4.5ml size.

CBD Oil Project is an information providing site they help people of the differences between the two products Hemp seed oil and CBD Oil.

NoGoo Small Dish

The NoGoo Small Dish is almost indestructable. It is dishwasher safe. The dish comes in two different colors -- blue or green. These dishes are perfect for working with waxes, sticky foods, or ointments.

NoGoo Round Dish

The NoGoo Round Dish is perfect for a variety of fun activities involving food, concentrates, wax, or ointments. Its eight-inch diameter gives you the room you need to work. The food-grade silicone material avoids the stickies and won't break or overheat. Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean. Comes in two colors.

SToK Small Stackable Glow In The Dark Jars

Buddies Super Slick Large Cylinder Display

The Super Slick Large Cylinder can hold up to 11ml of herbal extract, none of which will ever stick to the container itself.

Special Blue Butane

New Products

Smoke Buddy Jr. Air Filter

I-Tal Hemp Wick Supreme Spool

The I-Tal Hemp Wick Supreme Spool is made with organic hemp and coated with beeswax. To light the wick, use a lighter or a candle to light the wick. Extinguish after each use.

TightVac Container

The TightVac Container keeps valuables clean and sealed. Crush resistant, it easily fits into pockets, purses or bags.