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Nothing as beautiful as the way the sun sparkles on the ocean.

In the middle of open ocean resting atop the waves. Oh! and how to declutter.

i LOVE this photo. i actually feel like i am in the ocean water at floating at peace with the sea.

all day every day.

relaxing on a hammock at the beach? What in the world is more appealing than that thought! Make it a reality!

Summer. Path to the beach.


I always get excited when I kick off the shoes and walk down a path like this.knowing that the ocean, beach, sky, etc.is just ahead!_ I want this!

<3 Golden Victory...Returned Love<3  {JosephRestored2meDaresay<3Meant2be<3}  #SanLuisObispo #SLO #TrueLove

Focus:Natural light focused onto the ripples of water and the smooth sand. Contrast between the real water color and the water effected by the light helps show focus.

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There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a beach with crystal water and white or gold sand. And big waves and meerschaum.