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No, Girls Don’t Like Boys, Here Are Things We DO Like… (esp. Richard Armitage)

"Girls don't like boys; girls like fanfiction, food, and middle-aged men." The accuracy of this post terrifies me.

Lolz!!! I'm dying now,goodbye....

I lost it at paddy wack. <--/the frick frack patty wack though/ I've seen this SO MANY TIMES but I always laugh, out loud, no matter where I am. "what the frick frack paddy wack"

Heath Ledger as Joker

We need more actors like Heath Ledger.

We need more actors like Heath Ledger. Also looking forward to Jared Leto's Joker! Heath Ledger's Joker also taught us there is more to the character then what we saw in the Batman movie. Miss you Heath

This is why nerds are great. They come up with the best explanations.

You Gotta Believe!

I knew Santa is real, just never studied physics to prove it.

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fb1f6ed3d02f6bdafdb8f72cea3cc7ba.jpg (700×3755)