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Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw, Aesthetics

You Have Choose Life.   Arrival-Movie-Live-Coding/YouHaveChooseLife1.jpg at master · WolframResearch/Arrival-Movie-Live-Coding · GitHub

You Have Choose Life. at master · WolframResearch/Arrival-Movie-Live-Coding · GitHub

Luna Lovegood

Game of Thrones autocorrect.

Game of Thrones + Autocorrect (By James Chapman)<<Ygritte's is actually somewhat accurate.

Luna Lovegood

Figurine WIP\ tutorial part 6 heads + base final by sculptor101 on DeviantArt

Making figurine heads and base tutorial This the final tutorial in this series, an angel and a soldier. Figurine WIP\ tutorial part 6 heads + base final

Luna Lovegood

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