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Mummy? Are you my mummy?

That moment when their's a Doctor who reference IN Doctor who! i nearly died laughing the time i saw this! i had to pause to finish laughing, then i rewound & re-watched it a couple times before moving on!

This was the best thing :D

Enough With the References!

I saw this and shouted, "Ten, your Nine is showing!" Then started laughing.<<<>>>that moment when the doctor makes a Doctor Who reference.

Go to your room! - ("Are you my Mummy?")

Go to your room!

Doctor Who~ The Doctor Dances. One of my favorite episodes.

web2h:    this has got to be the cutest dr who cosplay ever!!!

Are You My Mommy?

[ This is so adorable! If we have a son, this would be a great cosplay idea. -Jen ] Doctor Who - Are You My Mummy? OMG If only I had a little boy I would have totally made my husband dress up as the doctor and him as that little boy!

Whoviam Whumor

Whoviam Whumor

this guy i was friends with on fb for some reason, had a gas mask and i was like "are you my mummy".perfect joke and no body got it.my nerd humor is so wasted

One image is all that is needed, really. Note:  I love 9 and Rose.  I ship them almost as much as 10 and Rose.

19 TV Shows Summed Up In One Picture because honestly that’s it, that’s the show. so I hate that you think this summs up Doctor Who. Rose Tyler is NOT helpless-none of the companions are

This is one of my favorite parts of that season simply because it explains America so well.

The Doctor can usually argue his way around guns with British people. He forgot he's dealing with Americans. Americans will always try, even if given absolute proof that they can't do anything

The best of the best.

That moment when there was a Doctor Who reference in Doctor Who! One of my favorite Doctor Who moments! Apparently David Tennant forgot his line and this is the first thing that came to his mind.

Obviously their white so they can match your kitchen. They also come in yellow, orange, red, green, and blue.

Mean Girls/Doctor Who if you're from africa. why are you white? oh my god karen! you can't just ask people why they're white!

Let's all hope they don't team up

Let's all hope they don't team up

imagine all of those aliens and you in one room. you can't blink, breathe, think, or remember they are there. And since you can't remember to not do all these things.