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Well... SCREW YOU THEN ZAYN! I thought i was the prettiest woman in the world

Well... SCREW YOU THEN ZAYN! I thought i was the prettiest woman in the world

Hunger Games and One direction all in ONE PIN! <3

not really one direction crazed, but this IS funny.so I VOLUNTEER! And how can u just be "not really one direction crazed"?

Story of my life.

i know right, there was this girl that i was talking to and she was like,"I'm 8 years old and i'm the biggest directioner. I'm the biggest directioner because i have 1 folder and 1 of their c-ds and 1 poster.


so funny ;wow harrys not to bright on this board jk jk jk dont hurt me! directioners im one too lml

The 1D dolls should be in the next Toy Story movie. I mean, Bonnie's old enough to know who One Direction are, right? XD

Its so funny Ken: i love u barbie Ken: dont u love me to? Barbie: have u heard about the one direction dolls>> best pin ever

Zayn's being really helpful ------- Hahahahaha! xD

Zayn's being really helpful :D >>> don't strain yourself Louis XD <<< the Queen doesn't "touch" his fellow peasants. >>> we all know Liam's doing all the work Xx

Hahahal lln

"Family Guy" Peter at the Drive Thru: lois: Peter, why are we stopped? Peter: Yeah, I'll have three cheeseburgers. lois: Peter for God's sakes she'

bahahhahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaha... hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa

my friend seems to love Harry's face in this pic, so she zooms in on it and makes it my wallpaper. Always a lovely surprise when I look at my phone!

Oh my god I'm laughing like a seal

Reason of why Directioners shouldnt be allowed to use photoshop! <<<<< ermagerd agree he's a princess