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Next gen: Jewel by Silcy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Jewel Nickname(s): Marshmallow (only by Ravenclaw) Age: 12 Parents: Rarity and Fancy Pants Jewel is a second-born daughter of Rarity and Fancy. Next gen: Jewel

Don't be a hater on old gen ponies.

Straight From the Ponies' Mouths

this is soo true about  the world and all the people in it

Your greatest Strength is always tied to your greatest Weakness.

MLP- Next Gen What If designs by Earthsong9405 on DeviantArt

----------------- So you guys voted for more NextGen, and you also voted for siblings for the pairings I showcased in the sketchdump here:  

How to Pony by mischakins on deviantART

I am sorry for the over abundance of how to draw MLP FIM on this board. But for all you Pegasisters and Bronies THIS IS FOR YOU.

People were asking for reference sheets of my next gen kids so I've been working on them. You may use it as reference for a drawing of this character or writing of it, but DO NOT REPOST NOR CLAIM T...

MLP Next Generation Windy Belle by HazuraSinner on DeviantArt

Beginner Pony Plushie Tutorial by *Voodoo-Tiki on deviantART

Page two of the simple, beginner's pattern to make a My Little Pony plushie. Page one: [link] Tutorial: [link] Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 2