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I've always said that I find home in people who make me feel at home rather than places.

Lily was quite good friends with her second cousin, Jason Dursley. Contrary to popular belief, they never had any other type of relationship. Submitted by: anon

Give it a few years...they DID say Tommy looked just like his Papa Kit.

pop-punk-pityparty: “ this gave me so much trouble you don’t even know ”

She was confused but he got closer, telling her not to make any noise. To trust him. With a jump he landed on the bed and started to kiss her, while he undressed her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue this story at:

End loaded sentence - dramatic ending: Rushing through his apartment and out onto the balcony, Marcus reached forward to snatch the wayward paper, skidding he slipped and lurched over the edge.

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One moment can end up being a forever memory of someone so always love and…

Beautiful picture of a mothers love

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