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Hi I'm Audrey, the girl who fell up the stairs in front of you and still believes in prince charming-- fully equipped with an immature sense of humour, I will forever live for the Mars cookies at Safeway. I...

Pavement textures are great to have in your arsenal when you need to design a textured background or to give a rough texture to a particular object within a design. This free set of 5 high resolution pavement textures should prove to be useful in your own work. It includes photos from different types of cracked and worn pavement.

You will go batty for these cute, upside down hanging bats. String them in a banner, or hang them individually.

Glowsticks make simple and fun Christmas stocking stuffers. These special holiday glowsticks are also perfect for Christmas party favors and Sunday School ...

Boulders (lawn bags stuffed with plastic air-filled bags used in packaging/shipping ), rocks (lunch bags stuffed with newspaper), stalagmites(tomato cage wrapped in brown craft paper). All painted in neon paint so will react with blacklight.